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Reach M+ UAV Mapping Kit

From: $1397 (tax excl.)

Available in mid-December

Package includes

– Reach RS+
– Reach M+
– Tallysman multi-GNSS antenna
– Camera hot shoe adapter (optional)
– Carry case
– Radio antenna
– Adapter for survey pole
– 2x USB cables
– USB-OTG cable
– JST-GH 6-pin to jumper pin cable
– JST-GH 5-pin to jumper pin cable

Reach M+

RTK GNSS module for precise navigation and UAV mapping

— Reach M+
— USB cable
— USB-OTG cable
— JST-GH 6-pin to jumper pin cable
— JST-GH 5-pin to jumper pin cable

Two receivers or NTRIP are required for centimeter accuracy

For better understanding of RTK, PPK and NTRIP check an article on how these technologies work. Also, see a detailed article on how PPK works in UAV mapping.


Available on backorder

Reach M2/M+ camera hot shoe adapter

Necessary for PPK workflow. Designed to work with any camera with hot shoe connector, tested to work with Sony, Canon, and Nikon.

In stock

Survey Pole with a smartphone mount

Available on backorder

Available on backorder


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