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Affiliate Program

Share the unique referral link on your blog, and get 5% commission when someone purchases Emlid products via your link.

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How it works


Sign up to become
Emlid's affiliate

Our team will be in touch to help you set up your account. Usually it takes 1-3 days. Once your application is approved, you get access details to your account and personal affiliate link.


your link

Post your link on the dedicated forums and blogs or share it on social media.



When someone clicks on your link, a special cookie file is stored in a person's web browser. This file is stored for the next 30 days and tracks if there is a purchase from Emlid store.


a payout

After each purchase via your link you earn 5% commision.

Common Q&A

When will I receive a commission?

We usually pay out a commission upon reaching a certain amount. The amount is discussed individually with each affiliate. The commission becomes available for payout after 15 days after sale, assuming no refund is requested during this period.

How will I receive a commission?

We use PayPal for payouts.

How can I calculate commission amounts?

Commission = 5% x Final Order Amount. If you share a referral link to a particular product, but a customer ends up purchasing another product, the commission will be calculated based on the product they purchased.

Do I earn a commission if an order is paid with coupons?

No. Orders paid with coupons will not yield commissions.

Does it cost me anything to become Emlid’s Affiliate?

No, it’s for free.

How the link looks like?
You will have your own affiliate's Id. This link can be embedded in any elements on the webpage. You can change your personal link identifier to anything like your name, brand name.

How long does cookie period last?

Orders made within 30 days after using the personal link will be considered an affiliate sale. All occurrences are unlimited.

Are websites outside the US eligible?

Yes, we accept applications from different countries. Please get in touch with us to learn the options for your region.

What products are eligible?

Affiliate Program works for all products from Emlid Store.

Can Emlid dealers participate in the Emlid affiliate program?

No, we don't provide such an opportunity. Please check the Terms Of Service for more information.

Have a question?
Ask our team

Email us at or fill in a contact form. We normally reply within one workday. However, in most cases, you will hear from us in a few hours.

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