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Survey Pole


A telescopic aluminum survey pole is designed for comfortable surveying. The three-section construction delivers reliable stability with the help of solid flip locks.

0.74 m

folded length

1.8 m 

full length

5/8″ thread

compatible with Reach RS2 and other survey equipment

790 g   

total weight

Comes with a carrying bag. 

In stock


Shipping from Hong Kong

2-5 days by DHL, up to 3 weeks by airpost

Import taxes are not included in the price

The final cost depends on the duties and taxes of destination country


Read before you use

Follow precautions below to guarantee the safe operation of the survey pole:

- Do not exceed the maximum payload capacity of the survey pole that is equal to 10 kg
- Do not bend or stress the survey pole while extended - a bent survey pole will reduce the accuracy of the measurements
- Do not expose the survey pole to direct sunlight for a long period of time
- Use the survey pole at a temperature from -20°C to + 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)
- Observe safety precautions when using the survey pole in dangerous places
- Keep the survey pole away from the power supply sources and do not use it during a thunderstorm, as it may conduct electricity
- Be careful when handling the tip of the survey pole
- Watсh your fingers when closing the flip locks.

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