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Field-ready RTK receivers

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Highly precise surveying equipment by Emlid is a range of affordable GNSS RTK receivers Reach.

Field-ready GNSS receivers

Multi-band RTK rover Reach RX is a compact and lightweight surveying tool for data collection and stakeout via NTRIP. Multi-band Reach RS2+ is a full-fledged receiver for professional surveying. It can act as a base and rover and work in areas without internet coverage. Single-band Reach RS+ is a good fit for researchers and educational projects. Both Reach RS2+ and Reach RS+ can be used for RTK, PPK, and PPP surveying.

Emlid also offers survey kits that include both rover and base units. Network Base and Rover Kit includes the Reach RS2+ base and the Reach RX rover for RTK surveying. Reach RS2+ Survey Kit ​includes two multi-band Reach RS2+ units as a base and rover. Reach RS+ Survey Kit consists of two single-band Reach RS+ units. Both kits are ideal for surveying in RTK and PPK modes with centimeter precision.

UAV mapping modules

For drone mapping, order Emlid GNSS module Reach M2. Connect it to your drone for RTK and PPK aerial survey. To stream corrections to Reach M2, you can use Reach RS2+ as a base station. This combo is available in UAV Mapping Kit and UAV RTK Kit.

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